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We have gathered together some of our wonderful testimonials from our wedding couples so that you can read what they say about their wedding filming experiences and about their finished films.

Jason & Nicola

Jason & Nicola's Ultimate Wedding Film

Jason & Nicola were married at St John's Church in Sanground and celebrated the rest of their day at the lovely Thorpe Hall, Peterborough.

Thank you very much Gareth the film has gone beyond any expectations we had!!! You captured the day perfectly and it is a lasting memory. Watching the film made us laugh and cry from start to finish!! Absolutely brilliant!!

Thank you also for the support you gave on the day.

Jason and Nicola

Hannah & Darren

Hannah & Darren's Ultimate Wedding Film

Hannah & Darren were married at St Thomas Church, Stockton Heath and celebrated the rest of their day at Nunsmere Hall Hotel, Northwhich in May 2018.

We love it!! Thank you so much for capturing our day exactly how I imagined it! It's exactly what I wanted! We had tears and laughter all the way through all over again!!

Jenny & Jay

Jenny & Jay's Ultimate Wedding Film

Jenny & Jay were married at St Chad's Church in Kirkby and celebrated the rest of their day at The Racquet Club in Liverpool City Center in April 2018.

WOW WOW WOW we absolutely love the film, we can't thank you enough for the way you've captured our special day. Xxx

Chris & Karen

Chris & Karen's Ultimate Wedding Film

Chris & Karen were married in September 2017 at Knowsley Registry Office and celebrated the rest of their special day at Bruno's Restaurant and Bishops Road Police Club.

Karen says:I'd just like to say thank you so much for agreeing to do our wedding dvd I couldn't of asked a better person, it's amazing and well and truly worth every penny and worth the wait. Xxxx
You have done a brilliant job, we're so made up with it. Thank you xxx

Kellie & John

Kellie & John's Ultimate Wedding Film

Kellie & John were married at Park Hall, Charnock Richard in August 2017.

Kellie says: Just watched our wedding video. We laughed, cried and laughed some more. Thank you so much Gareth W Hughes it is something we will treasure "for the rest of our lives." So much has been caught in the video we forgot about and brings everything back from the happiest day of our lives.

Thank you!!

John later added: Thankyou for the video it's amazing and literally can't wait to watch it again!! It's sooooo good. We felt like relived the day all over again. We laughed and cried and laughed some more! The editing of the film is really professional and the quality shows... 3 and half hours felt like minutes ! I'm planning for us to watch the video every year on our anniversary, not told the boss yet tho haha!

Thanks again mate absolutely made up with it!

Jenna & Steven

Jenna & Steven's Ultimate Wedding Film

Jenna & Steven were married at St Margaret Mary's in Huyton and celebrated the rest of their day at the Hilton Hotel, Liverpool City Centre in August 2017.

After Jenna & Steven have watched their film for the first time - on their wedding anniversary (how cute!!) ... Jenna says:

Massive thankyou for all the anniversary messages.. the best gift we could have wished for was our wedding video.. we have laughed and cried our way through it.. it's absolutely amazing bringing back so many things we had forgotten.. what an amazing bunch of family and friends we have.. thankyou so much Gareth W Hughes it's better than we could have ever imagined can't wait for everyone to see it xx

Janice & Agy

Janice & Agy's Ultimate Wedding Film

Janice & Agy celebrated their wedding day at Cheadle House in July 2017.

After watching their film for the first time Janice wrote: Wow wow wow !! Just recieved our wedding video yes its been a long wait but so so worth the wait ive laughed cried ! An all your messages well thank you with love From us both an Gareth W Hughes you are brilliant at what you do an Gavin Young you to are amazing thanks and Nicola Stead love Jan & Agy xx

I was lucky enough to watch their film with them - every single emotion from laughter through to tears. They were just amazed at the amount of content in their film. More to follow

David & Sinead

David & Sinead's Ultimate Wedding Film

David & Sinead were married at Prestatyn Parish Church and celebrated the rest of their amazing wedding day at Bodrhyddan Hall, Rhuddlan in June 2017.

Gareth, We have just been watching the wedding film... we are so happy with it! Thank you so much what an amazing job can not wait to share it with everyone. Xxxx

Joanne & Kevin

Joanne & Kevin's Ultimate Wedding Film

Joanne & Kevin were married at St Philip's Church, Litherland and celebrated the rest of their day at the Park Hotel, Netherton in June 2017.

After a suprise delivery today, Our wedding video. Where do i start???!!!
Gareth W Hughes... OMG i don't think i have laughed as much as i have in the last 2 n alf hrs!! The film is something and more. You have really done good. Brought back soo many good memories!

Nat & Warren

Nat & Warren's Ultimate Wedding Film

Nat & Warren were married at Priory Park in Dudley and celebrated the rest of their special day at the David Lloyd Function Rooms.

After watching their film for the first time Nat says: "So funny! My neice has some great banter!" Nat adds: But I laughed and cried. Well worth the wait and I felt sick like I was walking down the aisle again lol. Its brilliant!

Later, Natalie says: Thank you so much for the wedding video it was amazing from start to finish lots of great banter and laughed all the way through it had a few tears felt nervous again like I was doing it all again you captured the most amazing day of my life and the highlight of my son running around on the dance floor at the end and at the ceremony while saying our vows. Thank you Gareth, Sean & Jack.

Michelle & Kevin

Michelle & Kevin's Ultimate Wedding Film

Michelle & Kevin celebrated their wedding day at Goodison Park Football Ground.

After watching their film for the first time Michelle says: I've just watched our wedding DVD, and I've had a laugh watching it!! It's more like a comedy then a wedding!!!"

Alex & Paul

Alex & Paul's Ultimate Wedding Film

Alex & Paul were married at St Agnes Church in Huyton and celebrated the rest of their day at The Village Hotel in Whiston, Merseyside.

Thank you so much for our amazing wedding video it's perfect!!!!
You and Sean did a brilliant job. Can't thank u enough :) :)

Anjalee & Stephen

Anjalee & Stephen's Ultimate Wedding Film

Anjalee & Stephen were married at St Oswald's Church, Old Swan in Liverpool and celebrated the rest of their day at The Venue in Huyton.

We have just watched our wedding film - part one - It's brilliant thank you so much! We're just about to watch part two now!!

After watching part two Anjalee added: "We cried laughing at the messages!!! It's brilliant Gareth. Thank you so much... we love it!!


Impress Showcase: Act II - The Can Can

The spectacular opening number from the 2nd half of the Impress Showcase

You are one of a kind so glad we became friends 15 years ago xxxx be lost without you xxx seriously THANKYOU for making my work look like MAGIC XXX


Impress Showcase: Friend Like Me

The Friend Like Me routine from the recent Impress Showcase.

You are one of a kind so glad we became friends 15 years ago xxxx be lost without you xxx seriously THANKYOU for making my work look like MAGIC XXX


Impress Showcase: Talking Heads

The closing video montage just prior to the walk-on from Impact Dance Academy & Finesse School of Dance's Impress Showcase 2017

Anthony says: I absolutely love it THANKYOU so much x

Joanne says: Thank u so so much for that video, it is amazing!!!!!!


Video projection stage backdrop for the Do-Re-Mi number from the upcoming Impress Showcase.

Video projection stage backdrop for the "Do-Re-Mi" number from the upcoming Impress Showcase.

Anthony says: I absolutely love it THANKYOU so much x Joanne says: Thank u so so much for that video, it is amazing!!!!!!


The full stage version of Do-Re-Mi from the Impress Showcase 2017

After creating the video projection I was really looking forward to this during the show!

Anthony says: I absolutely love it THANKYOU so much x Joanne says: Thank u so so much for that video, it is amazing!!!!!!


Impress Showcase: Phantom Candles

Video projection stage backdrop for the Music of the Night / Phantom of the Opera number from the upcoming Impress Showcase.

Anthony says: I absolutely love it It's GORGEOUS!!!

Victoria & Max

Victoria & Max's Ultimate Wedding Film

Victoria & Max were married at Farrington Lodge, Preston in July 2016.

Thankyou so so much!! I literally got a message to say it had arrived! I raced home and broke serval speed limits! But it was worth it!! You and Sean captured the day just beautifully! Me and max are so greatful!! And we hope you had as much fun as we did!! We appreciate the time and effort that has gone into making our special film! We can't wait to watch it again with friends and family!!!

Joanne & Robbie

Joanne & Robbie's Ultimate Wedding Film

Joanne & Robbie were married in February 2016 at the wonderful 30 James Street - Home of the Titanic in Liverpool

Joanne says: Wow wow wow!!! Sorry for late message but just finished watching our wedding film!

Where do we start! You have gone above and beyond every expectation and covered every second of our special day! With every emotion shown laughter and happy tears we have reminisced every moment of our special day... We could not thank you enough! You are by far the best at what you do. The fact you love what you do shows though in the end product. You made us all at ease and stayed professional while becoming a friend. We thank you again dearly.

We would no doubt recommend you to everyone and anyone to capture their special moments through you and your team Sean Cullen and Jack Anthony. Amazed :)

#GBCTV #GreatestGiftGareth #ExceedingExpectations #ProfessionalProducesFriendsForever

Robbie added: Gareth... all I can say is thank you. Your capture of our day is nothing but sensational. I can't thank you enough.

Jenni & Matthew

Jenni & Matthew's Ultimate Wedding Film

Jenni & Matthew were married in December 2015 at All Saints Church, Rainford and celebrated the rest of their day at Eccleston Park Golf Club.

Just finished watching our wedding video! There are no words to describe how amazing a job you did- every moment was captured perfectly, I laughed, I cried, and I'm so happy Fluffy made an appearance because even though he's in heaven he'll always be a part of our special day. Loved reliving our day, especially enjoyed seeing all the drunken guest messages, although cannot believe Mark Berry did his speech naked on the golfing green!!

Thank you so much, you're awesome xx

Sarah & Peter

Sarah & Peter's Ultimate Wedding Film

Sarah & Peter celebrated their wedding day at The Grosvenor Hotel, Pulford, Chester in December 2015.

Our film was amazing, so much was captured for us to watch again and again - we can't thank you enough!

Ben & Debbie

Harrison's Christening Day

In the Fourth Film of the Aldridge Trilogy we follow their son Harrison on his Christening Day

Debbie Says: Gosh what can i say Gareth W Hughes!

Amazing brilliant overwhelming memories thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

Thank you each n eveyone of you who came to make Harrison's christening so special we are so blessed to have such good family n friends and his messages where just beautiful thank you

If you all want to come and watch it you're more than wellcome

I will provide tissues cake n coffee much love from Harrison xx

Ben Says: Gareth after watching Harrison`s Christening Dvd tonight.....its safe to say you are the best of the best! Even though the vicar really restricted your filming at the church you still managed to capture the moment......and how you managed to reduce the noise in the church so we could hear the vicar on the dvd was quite incredible as i could hardly hear the vicar on the actual for the editing, music for the party afterwards it was so moving and touching....we deft re-lived the feelings and emotions we had on the day........thank you for the fourth but i so dearly hope not the final time from the depths of our hearts....i was going to say you have no idea how much these films mean to us.....but im sure you do after all the emotion and hard work you put into love the extra mile and i didnt need to ask you what i wanted you to talk about because you did and respect heading your way always.....all our love...the Aldridge family.xxxxx #AnotherFamilyMilestoneCapturedForever

Rebecca & Phil

Rebecca & Phil's Ultimate Wedding Film

Rebecca and Phil were married at the Suites Hotel in Knowsley, Merseyside in September 2015

After watching their film for the first time Rebecca says:

Well what can I say other than Wow!! Gareth you have done such an amazing job at capturing the best day of our lives me and Philip would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the hard work and effort that has gone in to making our wonderful wedding film! There were certainly tears in parts but lots of laughing and smiling too and you managed to capture all the bits we'd missed! Thank you again and well book you again for the renewal of our vows hehe!!

Linda & Kevin

Linda & Kevin's Ultimate Wedding Film

Linda and Kev were married at The Racquet Club, Liverpool in September 2015.

On watching their film for the first time Linda says:

Hey Gareth!

We've just watched our video and loved it!

Thank you so much!!

You're right, a few bits brought a tear to our eyes! I wanna watch it again! Xx

Lisa & Joe

Lisa & Joe's Ultimate Wedding Film

Lisa and Joe were married at St Bertoline's Church in Barthomley and held the rest of their day at the incredibly beautiful Crewe Hall.

Gareth took Lisa and Joe's film to their Prestatyn Holiday Home so they could watch it for the first time.

During the opening titles Lisa was in tears!

'It's so good!'

Throughout both part one and two of their film they were both transfixed by it, laughing, joking and smiling as they relived their special day.

On their film Lisa says that she is SO glad that she had us filming ... otherwise there would be no memories of their vows, of their singing waiters and of their day.

After the film had finished they were BOTH full of praise for the film, Joe said 'Here's the crunch. I KNEW it was going to be good, from the effort that was put in on the day ... you never stopped running around ... and from the dedication you show on the editing side of things ... but the DETAIL, the THOUGHT, the CARE that has gone into the film, the closeups of the rings going on, the detail in the 'Signing the Register' segment ... I knew it was going to be good but the film far exceeds my expectations. It's just amazing. It's like a proper film!!'

Gretta & Ken

Gretta & Ken's Ultimate Wedding Film

Gretta & Ken were married at the beautiful St Mary's Church in Crewe and held the rest of their day at the stunning Haslington Hall.

On watching the first half of their wedding film Gretta says: Hi Gareth, the dvd has arrived today! We've only watched the first half but it is brilliant... I've laughed,cried and cringed hahaha!!! Xx next half tomorrow night!!!! X Thank you xxx.

Just brilliant!

Michelle & Mick

Michelle & Mick's Ultimate Wedding Film

Michelle & Mick were married at St Gabriel's Church in Huyton and celebrated the rest of their day at The Devonshire House Hotel, Liverpool

Gareth was lucky enough to sit with Michelle & Mick as they watched their Ultimate Wedding Film for the first time. Right from the opening titles the film had them captivated, with Michelle weeping tears of pure joy as they watched the film.

'The quality of the recorded images is amazing' commented Mick.

We have had terrible issues with our wedding photographs - we STILL haven't received them, we've seen a few images but there's nothing really 'stand out' about them.

I'm SO glad that we decided to have you film our day, a picture paints a thousand words - this is so much more than that.

You have blown our hopes out of the water, the film is simply stunning. I can see why you are proud of your business, we will be recommending you to everyone. Photographs are like pages of a book to flick through, what you have created is an amazing memory to look back on, with movement and emotion and our friends and family.

Simply outstanding!

Cheryl & Chris

Cheryl & Chris's Ultimate Wedding Film

Cheryl & Chris were married at St Thomas of Canterbury Church in Waterloo and held the rest of their day at Lakeside Bar & Bistro

You and Jack were AMAZING on our wedding day. Helping to move the day along, organising without being intrusive and genuinely providing a great service. We were VERY excited by Jack's pictures and look forward to our wedding film.

After watching their film for the first time Cheryl says: Hi Gareth and Jack. So we stayed up late last night to watch our wedding video! We love it! Thank u so much! It was so lovely to relive the day and see and hear conversations and scenes we had forgotten about or did not even know were happening. The preps, ceremony, speeches, guest messages and party at the end were all fantastic. They made us laugh and cry.

Thank u both for all your hard work. I can't wait to watch it again now. Haha!xx

Hayley & Andrew

Hayley & Andrew's Ultimate Wedding Film

Hayley & Andy were married at the stunning Bartle Hall on Thursday 13th August 2015.

Hayley says: Wow, just.....WOW!!

Gareth there are NO words to what we just watched! I don't think I've ever cried so much in my entire life!!

Our amazing wedding day captured in such a gorgeous way and WOW, the video messages from friends killed me off, literally!! We had to stop the video til I could compose myself.

We couldn't ask for anything better than what you have done for us. We smiled, laughed and dear god I cried! Could not thank you enough for that video, WOW!!

I literally feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now, I have an amazing husband and little girl but my friends... No words!! Thank you xxxx

Andy added: Amazing amazing amazing!!!! You are absolutely brilliant in what you do.

Thank you so much!!

It literally broke my heart but in such a lovely and amazing way! Didn't realise because it was like a whirlwind, just how much of an amazing day it was and we have the best family and friends anyone could ask for.

It was the guest messages that killed me off, dear god I'm still going and can't cope!

Gareth we cannot thank you enough, just gutted you are not here. You prob wouldn't want to we me like this, I'm an absolute ugly mess haha xxx

Adele & Eddie

Adele & Eddie's Ultimate Wedding Film

Adele & Eddie were married at the world famous Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool in August 2015.

After watching just the opening titles Eddie said "This is just brilliant! The hair on my neck is standing on end"
After watching their entire film:
You have captured so much of our day - where were all of those cameras? Things were filmed that we didn't even know were being filmed! You have amazed me! I cannot believe how good this is. You should be incredibly proud of your work! I cannot believe that you have managed to get messages off people who don't usually say much!
Our first dance - the DJ had a problem with the CD that was being played - and it stopped half way through. On our film - you cannot spot the join!
Everyone who speaks about your work are right. The attention to detail, the editing and the whole style of filming is just amazing.
It's just brilliant

Leah & Wes

Leah & Wes's Ultimate Wedding Film

Leah & Wes were married at Christ Church, Padgate in July 2015 and spent the rest of their day at the amazing Owen House Wedding Barn in Mobberley, Cheshire.

Leah and Wes say:
Absolutely blown away by our wedding DVD! My cheeks are hurting from laughing & my eyes are stinging from crying! Thank you so much Gareth W Hughes!! We love every second of it!!

Emma & Martin

Emma & Martin's Ultimate Wedding Film

Emma & Martin were married at the wonderful Speke Hall in Liverpool in June 2015 and held the rest of their day at the incredibly picturesque Hope University Childwall Campus.

Emma says: What can i say. Just watched our AMAZIN wedding dvd. Best money we spent capturing so many moments that we never got to see or forgot that happened. So many emotions come flooding back. Thank you so much, I'm so happy with it. Cant wait for our all family to see it. Thanks again to everyone involved in our special day. So glad we captured it on video to watch over an over again.

If anyone of my mates r gettin married an ur considering gettin it filmed please look no further than our lovely Gareth. Such a pleasure to have him and his crew workin with us to capture some amazin moments an some very cringey ones, but ones we will have an love to watch over and over forever. Thank you guys!

Anthony Jones

Impress Showcase 2016: The Ballet

The Impress Showcase 2016 by Impact Dance Academy and Finesse School of Dance - The Ballet

Gareth! Brilliant as Usual. Thank you for all the support x

Will & Tiggy

Will & Tiggy's Ultimate Wedding Film

Will & Tiggy were married at St Peter's Church, Woolton in July 2015. The rest of their day was celebrated at Liverpool Cricket Club.

You have done an amazing job - we all love the finished film. You have obviously put in so much effort - thank you :)

We had the best day of our lives and you really helped to make it that much better. You were both so professional and loads of the guests have commented saying how much of a laugh they had with you and how smoothly you made everything run.

Mandy & Sharon

Mandy & Sharon's Ultimate Wedding Film

Mandy & Sharon were married in November 2015 at The Park Hotel in Netherton.

Sharon says: Our film was just brilliant. It captured so much of our day - I expected it to be good because of how you were on the day, but the finished result is far better than I could of ever imagined. Thank you and Jack so much. I will be recommending you to everyone!

Gemma & Ben

Gemma & Ben's Ultimate Wedding Film

Gemma & Ben were married at the incredibly picturesque location of St Oswald's Church and celebrated the rest of the day over the road at The Cobbles, Knutsford, Cheshire in June 2015.

Gareth W Hughes!!! After finally getting to sit down and watch the wedding film today I can honestly say I've never laughed and cried so much. It was an absolute pleasure to watch. You really have done us proud! So much so I'm going to watch it all again tomorrow. I know it takes a while for the video to be done but its been completely worth the wait. It brings back all the emotions and captures every single detail including the parts we had forgotten. You really are fabulous at what you do. It's just the best! Absolutely sodding brilliant!!!

Laura & Jason

Laura & Jason's Ultimate Wedding Film

Laura & Jason were at St Aloysius Church in Huyton on Friday 5th June 2015 and the rest of their wedding was at the Thistle Hotel in Haydock.

Laura says: I absolutely love our wedding film! Thank you so much Gareth, we have just finished watching it. You captured our day perfectly and we couldn't be happier with it! It was like reliving it all over again and we even shed a few happy tears! Jason says: Wedding Dvd came today..a perfect day captured perfectly. Laughed hysterically and cried all over again. I'm up for doing it again! Paul Myers your speech will be fine for it again :)

Emma & Mike

Emma & Mike's Ultimate Wedding Film

Emma & Mike were married at Rotherham Golf Club in April 2015.

Emma & Mike say:

Today we watched our amazing wedding DVD! We cried a bit and laughed a lot! Mostly we remembered what an amazing day we had and what wonderful family and friends we were lucky enough to share it with! Some of the messages were fab!

Gareth... Amazing! Thank you so much!

We got back from holiday at 3.30am, had a few hours kip...just fnished watching! It is absolutely amazing!

Pauline & Philip

Pauline & Philip's 40th Anniversary Film

Philip & Pauline were married 40 years ago and celebrated their Ruby Wedding in May 2015.

WOW! Well yet again for the third time for the third year in a row.......Gareth W Hughes has had the Aldridge Family in amazement, laughter and tears for the production of the Mom n Dad`s 40th anniversary film.

Lets start with the added photo on the wall..WOW....blumin did you do that...we didn't notice straight away because you blended it in so well...then we "opened our eyes" ha ha......and there it was a picture of our son Harrison on the wall next to our other pictures....but not a real picture it was the thoughtfulness of you Gareth and some amazing GBC special effects and then after that the star wars intro was just brilliant......

The interview and all the questions answered superbly.... The segments of Nan, grand kids, their first house, India, their actual wedding film with cinifilm sound effects, then standing in front of the same church 40 years on to the celebrations so Perfectly put together along with some brilliant messages.

Debbie and I so wanted it to come across as a kind of documentary and you, not for the first time, pulled it off Perfectly!

The interview..... then back in time to past events....... then back to the interview..... then off again to other current events..... Gob smackingly brilliant and it filled me with such emotion as this is exactly what we wanted.

As for mom and dad they share all the above plus i noticed a few tears notably my dad (tried to hide them) when the "We are Family with the Grand kids was playing, the India segment and the pics and discussions of Jim and I being born.

There is so much more i could say im sure.........and i prob will in the next few days once we've watched it again.......... But for now Mr Hughes....You are The Best and we will always only book you for the special (as my dad describes in the film) "Landmarks" on our journey through life as no other company compares to GBC Television filming, editing, production and most of all...the thought that you put into the "Captured Memory Landmarks" of peoples lives and we are so lucky to have THREE of them. Cant wait for the FOURTH!

Pure Genius you are Gareth. When you picture future generations say another 40 years from grandchildren and great grandchildren......they will have the chance to see My mom n dad.....What a keepsake!!!

Much Love and Respect as always from The Aldridge Family

Jennifer & Greg

Jennifer & Greg's Ultimate Wedding Film

Jennifer & Greg were married at Sefton Parish Church in September 2014. The rest of their special day was at the lovely Hurlston Hall Golf Club in Ormskirk.

After watching their film for the first time... Jen says "Gareth.. I'll do a write up asap.. I'm lost for words.. I truly am.. Amazing.. Breathtaking.. The effort you must have put in... So so thoughtful.. Every moment you filmed I'll never forget.. All of those moments that I missed and that you caught so beautifully.. I can NEVER thank you enough xxx"

"You've blown me away with how impressive the video is.. The thought that has gone into every chapter.. You are the best at what you do.. I'll recommend you to everyone x "

One week later...

Hi Gareth, I just wanted to thank you sincerely for capturing mine and Jenny's special day so perfectly! We've watched the film 4 times in 7 days and each time we watch we pick up even more memories from the day. You captured so much of our special day ... So much we missed with our own eyes. You did an amazing job and we are 100% happy with every minute of the film. You obviously worked so hard and take pride in your work and it really shows on the film. All the best , thanks again, Greg & Jen

David & Nicola

David & Nicola's Ultimate Wedding Film

David & Nicola were married at The Saddleworth Hotel, Oldham in September 2014.

We loved our film it captured our day so perfectly. We really laughed about the guest messages section - especially the group of lads and their "**** her up the *****" bit! Thank you so much!

Stephen & Clare

Stephen & Clare's Ultimate Wedding Film

Stephen & Clare were married at The Suites Hotel, Knowsley on Friday 29th August 2014.

Whilst watching the film for the first time... Clare posted: "Watching our wedding day film with Ste, Gareth you were right... it's a fabulous film and we're so made up that you film it. Am holding back the tears watching it, it's truly amazballs!!!! Xx"

Denis & Sonya

Denis & Sonya's Ultimate Wedding Film

Denis & Sonya were married at The Britannia Hotel, Bolton on Saturday 23rd August 2014.

Omg Gareth we hav just watched our wedding video you did for us.

We are speechless you did an amazing job, we cried the whole way through, you caught every amazing moment we will never be able to thank you enough.

As you know this film to us is more important than most and for this wonderful gift you have given us we will be eternally grateful so from the bottom of our hearts we thank you xxxx

Amy & Simon

Amy & Simon's Ultimate Wedding Film

Amy & Simon were married in August 2014 at Hemswell Court in Lincolnshire on Saturday 16th August 2014.

Our finished film is simply brilliant. It captured our entire day in the best way possible. Thank you so much!

Anthony & Hanya

Anthony & Hanya's Ultimate Wedding Film

Anthony & Hanya were married in August 2014 at St Thomas Church in Ashton-in-Makerfield on Friday 15th August 2014.

After watching their film for the first time Hanya says:


It was perfect honestly Hun I can't even put I to words how happy we are .. Now I've seen loads of wedding DVDs in the past and to be honest was a little worried on how it would turn out .. I needn't of been as it is perfect I would not change a single second of it is perfect you truly are a talent man and will deffo be telling all my future brides to book you!! Again thank you sooooo much eeeeeek #lovedit #yourthedaddy!!!

You can really tell you put every effort into your work it does show and you should be very proud of what you have created as it is a beautiful piece of work and I do know how much work you have put into it many years ago i had ago at editing a short film (haha I gave up... too hard! )

Don & Kath

Don & Kath's Ultimate Wedding Film

Don & Kath were married in March 2015 at Prescot Registry Office and held the rest of their day at Ho's Chinese Restaurant in Prescot.

Whilst on honeymoon in Australia Don & Kath have watched their wedding film for the first time.

Kath says: "Gareth you utter bloody genius! How fab is the video- I absolutely love it!! I've just watched it on my iPad! Can't wait to watch it properly - Martha is going to link it to her TV when we get back from down south - and yes I had a tear in my eye - you are so talented - thank you so much xxx "

Don says: Gareth, this is the first time I have seen you working for your business and I have to say that your work is amazing. It was a revelation to watch you in "work" mode.

You did not just meet our expectations YOU BLEW THEM OFF THE PARK.You take professionalism to a whole new level. Thank you SO MUCH for the most AMAZING DAY.

Suzanne & Roy

Suzanne & Roy's Ultimate Wedding Film

Suzanne & Roy were married in August 2014 at St John's Church in Ashton-under-Lyne and then travelled by horse & carriage to a helicopter that was waiting to take them to Windy Harbour Farm for the rest of their special day.

We totally loved our film. We cannot believe the actual amount of things that were included. The helicopter sequence is amazing. We are so glad we booked you to film our wedding day. Thank you so much!

Tom & Fallon

Tom & Fallon's Ultimate Wedding Film

Tom & Fallon were married in August 2014 at St Francis of Assisi Church in Friar Park, West Bromwich and celebrated the rest of their day at the Great Barr hotel.

Our wedding video AMAZING thank you!!

I cried again today just like on the day x

I love it especially how much of Brody u have in it. People will know I do have a son by watching it lol... because he wasn't on many pictures... but u have got loads of him. Thank you so much.

Tom adds: You guys have been amazing. You have helped our day go better than ever. You haven't planed it, but you have guided the day. Thank you so much!

Nadine & Andrew

Nadine & Andrew's Ultimate Wedding Film

Nadine & Andrew were married in July 2014 at St Marys Church, in Eccleston Village near Chester - and their wedding breakfast was held next door at the Village Hall.

On their wedding day both Nadine and Andrew said how professional we were and how the were looking forward to seeing their finished film.

You guys have been so easy to work with today - it's been a pleasure having you here. We can't wait to see the finished film!

Louise & Nathan

Louise & Nathan's Ultimate Wedding Film

Louise & Nathan were married in May 2014 at the gorgeous Carden Park Hotel near Chester.

We are delighted beyond belief with our fabulous wedding film. I laughed & cried (at times simultaneously) throughout & could not be happier.

It is a work of art & truly captures what an amazing day it was.

Total goosebumps!

Elaine & Steven

Elaine & Steven's Ultimate Wedding Film

Elaine were married in May 2014 at the Devonshire House Hotel in Liverpool.

Well that's the wedding dvd watched and I must say Gareth W Hughes and his team have done a fabulous job at capturing the day :)

Gareth, our wedding video is a piece of art!! It is a wonderful reflection of you and your work!!

Not only did you manage to capture the things we missed, you also brought back some wonderful memories of things we didn't manage to soak in on the day.

It is a fantastic keep sake for ourselves, our friends and our family and one we will cherish for ever. Many thanks!!!!!

Charlie & Dan

Charlie & Dan's Ultimate Wedding Film

Charlie & Dan were married at the gorgeous Shrigley Hall, Macclesfield in April 2014.

Our film was simply amazing. Everything and more than we could have hoped for. Absolutley stunning and perfect

Nicola & Neil

Nicola & Neil's Ultimate Wedding Film

Nicola & Neil were married at St Marcella's Church in Denbigh in April 2014. The rest of their day was held at Faenol Fawr Hotel, Bodelwyddan.

We loved our finished film!!

Nicola also added: I apologise for being so quiet in the morning! It must have been difficult for you!

I really enjoyed the photoshoot at Denbeigh Castle - it was so relaxed and fun

Anna & Anthony

Anna & Anthony's Ultimate Wedding Film

Anna and Anthony were married at Our Lady's Hope of Christians in Prescot, Merseyside in February 2014. The rest of their day was at Formby Hall Golf and Spa Resort in Southport.

Our film was perfect, It really did reflect our day perfectly. You guys did not stop all day long! Thank you so much :)

Jim & Jan

Jim & Jan's 10th Anniversary Film - Part 1

Jim & Jan celebrated their 10 Year Wedding Anniversary in July 2014. This is PART ONE of their film.

Wow wow wow!

Started to watch our DVD last night and what can I say?

Gareth you have excelled yourself once again.

Somehow you and Leon have managed to capture our day in all its mad glory. We are absolutely blown away with it......and we've not watched it all yet!

From beginning of the day to our fabulous Rat Pack you got it, even the title screens made to look like an actual music DVD, how you used vintage effects, the use of the live tracks from the Rat Pack throughout, your thoughtfulness in these small touches makes our DVD unique and special to us and will bless us and our children for the rest of our, and their lives. Your presence on our day not only allowed us to capture this special moment in time forever, but you guys just being you, doing what you do so well, added so much to our experience.

We love you both, appreciate not just your talent but your friendship as well.

Jim & Jan

Jim & Jan's 10th Anniversary Film - Part 2

Jim & Jan celebrated their 10 Year Wedding Anniversary in July 2014. This is PART TWO of their film.

Wow wow wow!

Started to watch our DVD last night and what can I say?

Gareth you have excelled yourself once again.

Somehow you and Leon have managed to capture our day in all its mad glory. We are absolutely blown away with it......and we've not watched it all yet!

From beginning of the day to our fabulous Rat Pack you got it, even the title screens made to look like an actual music DVD, how you used vintage effects, the use of the live tracks from the Rat Pack throughout, your thoughtfulness in these small touches makes our DVD unique and special to us and will bless us and our children for the rest of our, and their lives. Your presence on our day not only allowed us to capture this special moment in time forever, but you guys just being you, doing what you do so well, added so much to our experience.

We love you both, appreciate not just your talent but your friendship as well.

Jim & Jan

Jim & Jan's 10th Anniversary Film - Part 3 - The Rat Pack

Jim & Jan celebrated their 10 Year Wedding Anniversary in July 2014. This is PART THREE of their film.

Wow wow wow!

Started to watch our DVD last night and what can I say?

Gareth you have excelled yourself once again.

Somehow you and Leon have managed to capture our day in all its mad glory. We are absolutely blown away with it......and we've not watched it all yet!

From beginning of the day to our fabulous Rat Pack you got it, even the title screens made to look like an actual music DVD, how you used vintage effects, the use of the live tracks from the Rat Pack throughout, your thoughtfulness in these small touches makes our DVD unique and special to us and will bless us and our children for the rest of our, and their lives. Your presence on our day not only allowed us to capture this special moment in time forever, but you guys just being you, doing what you do so well, added so much to our experience.

We love you both, appreciate not just your talent but your friendship as well.

Ben & Debbie

Ben & Debbie's Ultimate Wedding Film

Ben & Debbie were married on the 27th July 2013 at St Thomas Church in Wednesfield and the rest of their day was at Springvale Sports & Social Club in Bilston.

On your webite you say "We have been exceeding our clients expectations for 25 years, Let us exceed yours"...

Gareth too right you exceeded our expectations with our amazing wedding dvd that you produced... Every moment of the day, even the ones we didn`t see on the captured.

Every camera angle and much thought put into it. Everything blumin fantastic... Im livin the "Im lovin it" all over again.

Gareth from the bottom of our hearts thank you for the thought and time you put into our wedding film even yourself and Lee with the little clip at the end... brilliant... We had the time of our lives.

Our wedding film is "phenomenal"... We were just going to watch part 1 and it was brilliant so we thought we would just watch part 2 and it was brilliant so we just watched it all and yes it was... brilliant!

Anyone wanting an important day like your wedding filmed... these are the ONLY people you should use or you will have missed out big time! Your warmth, kindness, humor and professionalism were first class and you made our wedding day so much fun and so very much special.

Megan & Alan

Megan & Alan's Ultimate Wedding Film

Megan and Alan were married in December 2013 at St Benets Church in Netherton and the rest of their day was held at The Devonshire House Hotel in Liverpool.

When we caught up with Megan and Alan they raved about their wedding film. "It was amazing - we loved every minute of it".

Thank you so much - our wedding film was so much more than we expected!

Andrea & Brian

Andrea & Brian's Ultimate Wedding Film

Andrea and Brian were married at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool in October 2013

Omg Gareth we love it, love it, love it, we've just finished watching our wedding dvd, we've laughed "especially at how much I talked at the beginning, good heavens lol" we've cried, it took us right back to our wedding day. The train tram going past is absolutely fabulous how brilliant is that, the timing was perfect and you caught it. The aisle entrance and music is perfect and the memorial table, I love that you have made those people part of our day. You and lee have worked very hard to capture every special moment, that you knew would be very special to us, we are so made up with everything you have done we can't thank you both enough love Andrea & Brian McGee xx

Later Andrea added: We just love it, we watched it Friday, I'm just about to watch the online version, we're having family round tonight to watch it and also on Wednesday, I've told everyone about the train tram shot really made up with that, it is brilliant, fabulous job done by GBCtelevision thank you again so much xx

A little later still: Also just watched the internet version/recap that is brilliant, we've noticed new things that we didn't notice first time round i love the music you chose for the outside shot with the train tram (Gary Barlow) it fits perfect, our video is just loads of fun to watch it really makes us smile, hey just noticed you drove through the lights and filmed it for me i love that, thank you xx

Gareth commented: I love the Gary Barlow track ... it was out around the time of your wedding to I decided to use it! ... and we couldn't resist going through the lights ;) ... there's always a little something extra in the online version!

Andrea then added a little more about the Gary Barlow track "Let Me Go": I heard the Gary Barlow track and said to Brian "wished we had used that somewhere on the day and you did, so lovely surprise you read my mind haha thank you :)

Andrea's Dad - Ken Baker added: Hi Gareth , I'm Andrea McGee's dad Ken Baker. We have just watched the wedding video your did, to say we are DELIGHTED with it is a massive understatement . You and Lee are such a very talented team, the way you have captured every moment of what was such a special day in the life of our family. " THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH " just doesn't seem enough to say!

Gemma & Andrew

Gemma & Andrew's Ultimate Wedding Film

Gemma and Andrew were married in September 2013. Their wedding day was held at Park Hall, Camelot - at Charnock Richard.

Gemma & Andrew sat down to watch their film for the first time ... within 5 minutes this was posted on my facebook wall: "Only watched the opening sequence of the wedding dvd so far and I'm already crying..Gareth what have you done!!! Lol x "

Afterwards Gemma said: Was supposed to be going to bed early but had to watch the wedding dvd 1st, all I can say is wow, wow, wow, thank you so much, I am in floods of tears. It is absolutely beautiful you have done an amazing job and we can't thank you enough xxxx

Emma & David

Emma & David's Ultimate Wedding Film

Emma & David were married in September 2013 at St Cecilia's Church in Liverpool and the rest of their day was at the Thistle Hotel, Haydock

I was lucky to watch Emma & David watching their film for the first time ... within 30 seconds Emma said "I am SO pleased that we had our day filmed" ...

Throughout their film both Emma & David kept commenting on the shots, the composition, the editing and also said that a film was 'far superior' to photos.

Upon returning home ... I received the following txt message: Thank you so much. One word... "perfect" ... I knew you wouldnt let me down but I never expected that. Your work is outstanding. I have just had my wedding day all over again.

Michelle & Matthew

Michelle & Matthew's Ultimate Wedding Film

Michelle & Matthew were married in September 2013 at Alfreton Hall, Derbyshire.

Hi Gareth, our film has arrived... One word... AMAZING!!!

Thank you so much for all the effort you have put in to produce such a wonderful film. It really has left me and Matt very emotional to see something from our special day, the last few months have been more stressful than planning the wedding obviously due to the photographer going bankrupt and us not receiving our images.

It has exceeded our expectations and we are over the moon... you have done such a fantastic job.

Again we can't thank you both enough..... Will go and dry my eyes now!

Michelle & Matthew xx

Kevin & Karen

Kevin & Karen's Ultimate Wedding Film

Kevin & Karen were married in September 2013 at Huyton Parish Church and had the rest of their day at the Huyton Suite.

Whilst watching the first of their two disks both Kevin and Karen said that they "never expected their wedding day film to be as good as it was" ... Karen expected it to "be a film of the wedding - and that's it" ... Well it is ... but it is SO much more.

Gareth, both Kevin and I cant thank you enough for our Wedding video. The Fim exceeded our expectations, YOU and Lee exceeded our expectations!

You forget a lot of your wedding day but watching the DVDs back just makes you realise how great the day was. You captured everything we could have possibly wanted and some really special memories.

I dont know many people like you who would go the extra mile to help, you are a star and Lee of course. Thank you again so much. Fantastic!

Thanks again, Kevin & Karen

Julie & Lloyd

Julie & Lloyd's Ultimate Wedding Film

Julie & Lloyd were married in July 2013 at Shrigley Hall, Cheshire

"Brilliant. You really did stitch me up good and proper at the start of the day" says Lloyd.

The film is brilliant, a real surprise, I had no idea that Jules had booked you, I thought a neighbour was knocking at the door.

Just brilliant!!

You guys did an amazing job, you were more like friends than a company we had booked. So professional. Thank you so much

Kathryn & Martin

Kathryn & Martin's Ultimate Wedding Film

Kathryn & Martin were married at St Josephs Church, Crosby and had the rest of their day at the fabulous Thornton Manor in Cheshire.

Kathryn says: Gareth we absolutely love the video!! It's amazing, captures everything perfectly thank you so much! The opening slides on disc 1 one is our fave, sums the whole day up perfectly! cant wait to show everyone x

When we met up with Kathryn & Martin at Anna & Anthony's wedding in February 2014 they said that they were so pleased with their wedding film - it was so much more than they thought it would be ... it captured the day, the atmosphere, the people and they had watched it SO many times!!

Katrina & Richard

Katrina & Richard's Ultimate Wedding Film

Katrina & Richard were married on Friday 24th May 2013 at the Mercure Hotel in Kidderminster in the West Midlands.

On their wedding day Richard says "You guys ... you just make everyone feel so comfortable ... you're brilliant. I don't like being in front of cameras ... and you've made me feel so comfortable ... even my best man said you've been blinding. I've had a great day ... and you've made it even better ... I'll probably sit there and watch this a million times"

Katrina added: "You've been brilliant all day... I'll recommend you to anybody. You're brilliant!"

Richard's mum added: "You're a star .. you've been absolutely marvelous ... " ... and to future couples booking us "if you want a perfect day with somebody who makes you feel that relaxed they feel like part of the family ... then book these guys... I'd stand on a box and sell them!!"

Brian & Natalie

Brian & Natalie's Ultimate Wedding Film

Brian & Natalie were married on Saturday 30th March 2013 at St Ann's Church, Rainhill and the rest of their day was at West Tower, Aughton, Lancashire.

After receiving their wedding film Natalie said: "After approx. 2.5hours of watching my wedding DVD I can honestly say a big thanks to Gareth W Hughes and his team for their work! The wait was definitely worth the while! Apart from hating the sound of my own voice on tv"

Brian added: "Absolutely brilliant that Gareth. Really enjoyed it. Superb!!!!!"

Rachel & Matt

Rachel & Matt's Ultimate Wedding Film

Rachel & Matt were married on 9th March 2013 at the Best Western Lancashire Manor.

Thank you both so much for everything you did on our wedding day. We really had the most amazing day and we were so pleased we chose you to capture it.

Sarah & Anthony

Sarah & Anthony's Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Film

Sarah & Anthony were married on 14th June 2013 at Lancashire Manor, near Skelmersdale.

Gareth! Cannot Thank you and your team enough!!! The video of our wedding day is awesome..! Just watched it, and all the memories and tears came flooding back! So pleased we got our day filmed now ( last minute decision ) And of course pleased we chose you guys! Great Job, lovely guys, very professionial! Thankyou!!

Emma & Steven

Emma & Steven's Ultimate Wedding Film

Emma & Steven were married on 29th March 2013 at Leasowe Castle.

Our film captured our day so perfectly. We wanted someone who would fit in with our day and you guys did that so well. Thank you

Christina & Andy

Christina & Andy's Ultimate Wedding Film

Christina & Andy were married on a very special date: 20/12/2012 - and we were on hand to capture their special day. Their day was spent at The Everglades Hotel in Widnes - in a fabulously Christmas Themed event.

Wow!! Our wedding video was amazing! Tears of joy and laughter.

Thank you sooo much Gareth W Hughes you come highly recommend.

Jen & Dan

Jen & Dan's Ultimate Wedding Film

Jen & Dan were married on the 8th September 2011 at Mottram Hall.

We were struggling to find someone to film our wedding until we came across your website and viewed your sample films and we instantly knew that you were the correct choice and this was confirmed as soon as we met you! You made us feel so relaxed and at ease and when you turned up on the day it was like a friend had arrived!

Watching our DVD, we went through so many emotions and went from laughing to crying in a matter of seconds. You captured every moment perfectly and caught so much of the day we would never of known about if you were not there!

The music was brilliant and the old film strip you created was hysterical!

We can honestly say you were the perfect choice and we will treasure our DVD forever - we have watched it so many times and love it more and more every time.

We cannot thank you enough for the job you have done and would recommend you to everyone!!

Ruth & Richard

Ruth & Richard's Ultimate Wedding Film

Ruth & Richard were married on 6th October 2012 at Frodsham Methodist Church with the remainder of their day at Frodsham Community Centre.

Gareth, I've just watched the DVD for the fourth time! It was absolutely wonderful, we both love it. It brought back so many happy memories, we got to see bits of the day we missed, and the guest messages had us in tears - of both emotion and laughter :-)

Clair & Len

Clair & Len's Ultimate Wedding Film

Clair & Len were married on Saturday 22nd September 2012 at St Theresa Of The Child Jesus R C Church with the rest of their day held at St Annes Parish Centre - both venues in St Helens.

Got out wedding dvd today watch half of it so far and it is great big thanks to Gareth for the best dvd ever - so much better than we had hoped for xxx

Leonie & Derek

Leonie & Derek's Ultimate Wedding Film

Leonie & Derek were married on Saturday 18th August 2012 at St Nicholas Church in Whiston and the rest of their special day was at the Village Hotel.

OMG gareth all i can say fan bloody tastic!!! And thank u so so much for capturing every amazing moment of our big day, we love the DVD so much and cant wait to show our familys and freinds u r a star a fab at what u do xx big huge thanks again from the chindersons xx

Clare & Sam

Clare & Sam's Ultimate Wedding Film

Clare & Sam were married on Saturday 11th August 2012 at St Mary's Church in Handforth and celebrated the rest of their marriage at the Deanwater Hotel.

Only 15 minutes in and it is just amazing!!! I've been doubled up laughing at so many moments!! Also been in floods of tears!! It's perfect. It has confirmed that we are one crazy family!!! Ha! Thank you SO much xx

Zoe & Matthew

Zoe & Matthew's Ultimate Wedding Film

Zoe & Matthew were married on Saturday 28th July 2012 at Bolsover Castle, Sheffield.

On the day of their wedding Zoe and Matthew both said "It's great having you at our wedding, it's like seeing old friends again - we had already worked with friends and relations of Zoe and Matthew. See the RELATED FILMS section. We can't wait to see our film!

Alex & Simon

Alex & Simon's Ultimate Wedding Film

Alex & Simon were married on Thursday 26th July 2012 at Willington Hall in Tarporley.

Hi Gareth, We have received the film and WOW WOW WOW, it is amazing. We have laughed and cried so much and watched it 3 times so far with various people.

Going to watch with my parents this weekend, I’m sure my mum will love the Keith Lemon bit :) and the Alfie the cat bit was so funny!

You have done an amazing job and I can honestly say, the day would not have been the same without you and Mark there.

You have been fantastic. Simply fantastic - and we will be more than happy to act as a testimonial for you.

Thanks again Gareth xx

Sophie & Dean

Sophie & Dean's Ultimate Wedding Film

Sophie & Dean were married on Saturday 21st July 2012 at St Mary's Church with the remainder of their day held at Croxteth Hall & Country Park.

Hi Gareth just wanted to say a big thank you for our wedding video. We appreciate how late you stayed at the wedding to catch as much as you could for our video we would definitely recommend you to anyone getting married as the video is perfect.

Thank you

Dean and Sophie Williams

Andrew & Adele

Andrew & Adele's Ultimate Wedding Film

Andrew & Adele were married on 4th December 2011 at St Josephs Church and their wedding breakfast & evening function were both at Mosborough Hall Hotel - Sheffield.

When they initially received their Ultimate Wedding Film Adele's comments were "Just wanna say how much we love our wedding dvd! Its fantastic! So much better than what we imagined! Thank you so much x"

Sean & Steve

Sean & Steve's Ultimate Wedding Film

Sean and Steve were married at the fabulous Peckforton Castle in Tarporley, Cheshire.

At first we were unsure if we would get our Civil Partnership Ceremony and Celebrations filmed. Due to uncertainties regarding our budget. However, as we thought it would be the best day of our lives, we decided to go ahead and after quite a bit of research, comparing services and example videos, went for the services of GBC Television / Ultimate Wedding Video.

The service we received on the day and quality of the finished product were phenomenal. Gareth and Lee filmed every aspect of our day, with 2 HD Cameras, giving multiple angles of the preparations, the service and the celebrations afterwards. Little did we know they has also hidden several other cameras around the venue (2 others in the room for the service and additional camera outside) which captured everything.

During the day the guys were very friendly and completely unobtrusive. They were at our special day from start to finish and absolutely worked their backsides off! All the guests on the day were saying how they added to the enjoyment of the day and they did not feel inconvenienced [by them] in the slightest. We were very impressed with the professionalism before, during and after the big day. We could not wait to see the movie.

When Gareth came round to show us the DVDs, we were absolutely blown away. Better than you could possibly imagine. This is obviously a Company who takes great pride in everything they do right down to the finishing touches. We were in tears of joy and laughter throughout the video. They have captured the day perfectly, even turning what could have been a very boring long drawn out segment (filming of the group photos being taken) into a very entertaining 5 minutes. The soundtrack chosen matched the day perfectly. The personal messages from our guests were brilliant.

I can honestly say that "Value for Money" would be an understatement. Although the photographer we used is exceptional - the video we have is priceless to us and the cost is a drop in the ocean. I have told Gareth his services are cheap at twice the price and as a businessman myself, can't understand why they don't raise their prices.

A friend of mine works in the video industry and edits films for a living, he is very impressed with the finished product and is amazed how they can produce such a professional piece of work for such a low price. We can relive the day over and over and it has been by far the most important investment we made.

With this Company you will get far more for your money than others I researched - many who just have one person stood filming the ceremony and that is all. What you will get is full coverage of the day.

As a Managing Director myself, I always shop around for the best deal. But I truly believe that this is one day where you should not compromise on quality - especially as something as important as recording the whole day for you to relive. The only real thing I can suggest is, if you still have doubts, please watch a copy of our film. It speaks for itself. Reading this [message] back through, it reads like I am perhaps sucking up to Gareth / / - but honestly they did such a fantastic job I really do feel I owe them a big favour.

Sean Dwyer

Lucy & Andrew

Lucy & Andrew's Ultimate Wedding Film

Lucy & Andrew were married on Saturday 30th June 2012 at Leasowe Castle.

On the day Lucy and Andrew said "You have been brilliant today" - we can't wait to see our final film. We wouldn't recommend ANYONE ELSE to film a wedding - just perfect.

Andrew is an accomplised and award winning photographer - he has since recommended us for wedding filming - telling people to look nowhere else other than at us.

Laura & David

Laura & David's Ultimate Wedding Film

Laura and David were married at St James Church, Audlem on 19th May 2012. The remainder of their day was held at Abbeywood Estate, Delamere.

We adore our finished film! It is amazing! Thank you :)

Lindsay & Debbie

Lindsay & Debbie's Ultimate Wedding Film

Lindsay & Debbie were married at the Suites Hotel in Kowsley in June 2011

You guys have been just brilliant - the whole day has just flowed along ... You've done us proud - we simply couldn't have asked for anything better!

We have watched our film SO MANY TIMES and still absolutely love it. We are SO pleased that we booked you to film our special day - we have shown our film to SO MANY people!

Kelly & Lee

Kelly & Lee's Ultimate Wedding Film

Kelly & Lee were married on 28th May 2011 at St Agnes Church, Huyton and had their Wedding Breakfast and Evening Function at the Devonshire House Hotel, Liverpool.

Thank you very much for filming our wedding. We ABSOLUTELY love our DVD. Its amazing!! Everyone who has watched it has said how great it is. We all laughed & cried through it.

The part you put in of the "old fashioned black and white footage" is really good - you should definitely use that method for other couples!

You really are very talented at your work Gareth and we would highly recommend you and your team to anyone else getting married.

Thanks again for everything!

All our love Kelly & Lee

PS.. Lee apologises for calling you "Graham" at the end of his message!! Haha!! xx

Gareth adds: "Don't worry Kelly ... I've been called much worse in my time!"

Claire & Nick

Claire & Nick's Ultimate Wedding Film

Claire & Nick were married on 17th April 2011 at Whitley Hall Hotel, Sheffield.

Another one of our Sheffied group of weddings!

Claire and Nick have both said how much they enjoyed their finished tilm! We will of course be referring you to all of our friends (those who you aren't already booked to film!)

Charlie & Chris

Charlie & Chris's Ultimate Wedding Film

Charlie & Chris were married at Thornton Manor on 12th March 2011.

Absolutely made up with our wedding film. Gareth, you did us proud hunny, it is absolutley fantastic, so happy with it. If anyone is getting married and needs a great videography team, can totally recommend the guys at GBCTelevision. You know how picky I am that things have to be just so ... these guys ticked EVERY BOX and then some.I can't recommend them highly enough

Les & Lauren

Les & Lauren's Ultimate Wedding Film

Les & Lauren were married at the Hilton Hotel in Sheffield.

Thank you so much for filming our Special Day, our Wedding DVD is fantastic.

Every time we watch the video it brings a tear to the eye and we love it more and more. We felt so at ease in your company and sometimes even forgot the cameras were rolling!

You captured moments we missed and these will be treasured forever.

Everyone has commented on how professional the DVD is and that's a credit to you all. Thanks again. See you soon!

Love Les and Lauren Fisher

Stephen & Alison

Stephen & Alison's Ultimate Wedding Film

Stephen & Alison were married at Mostyn House School in Parkgate, Neston in July 2010.

Gareth and his team were fantastic on our wedding day, capturing everything including the hilarious moments perfectly.

Thank you so much for providing us with an unforgettable DVD. Definitely value for money.

Thanks for all your hard work - its great to be able to look back at it all in such fantastic quality recordings.

Many many thanks again Stephen & Alison Locke

Robbie & Stephen

Robbie & Stephen's Ultimate Wedding Film

Robbie & Stephen were married at Liverpool Town Hall and had their wedding reception at the Lisbon Public House.

Well what can we say? We have watched our film all the way through and it is just brilliant. You have captured every moment of the whole day so beautifully. We have laughed, cried, sighed and laughed again. The messages from friends and family at the end of the film were lovely, a mix of humour and emotion like the whole day had been. It has been so lovely to relive our special day and to see the bits you miss. We will never hear foot loose in quite the same way again (a bit Stephen missed on the day!!!)

We are so glad that we had the day filmed and that you were able to do it for us, we didn't even notice you most of the time and nether did most of our guests if the dancing is anything to go by at the reception!!!! You made sure the filming was relaxed and unobtrusive and as a result we have the perfect memory of our big day. We will treasure it always and be able relive the moment whenever we like.

Thank you again so much you did us proud.

Lots of love Robbie & Stephen xxx

Jenny & Kev

Jenny & Kev's Ultimate Wedding Film

Jenny & Kev were married at St Bartholomew's RC Church in Rainhill - with their afternoon and evening functions held at Knowsley Hall.

We have just watched our wedding DVD - thank you so much for dropping it off today.

Its absolutely great! Thank you for everything that you did on the day for us and thank you for everything you have done after the day [too].

We are wondering if there where any more video messages left by friends and relatives (mainly my friends) that didn't make it to the edited DVD? If so could we possible have a disc? Even if u think what was said was inappropriate?!

Gareth said: "there were!" - and I also sent them on a DVD!!

Lisa & Kevin

Lisa & Kevin's Ultimate Wedding Film

Lisa & Kevin were married at Peckforton Castle on 6th February 2010

Hi Gareth the DVD was outstanding, absolutely fabulous. I have watched it through about 10 times, I just love it. You captured everything I could of ever asked for, outstanding! Even you falling over - how funny!! Your music choice was also fabulous, just our type, I cried the whole way through.

I was not fussed about having any of my wedding day recorded, but Bernie paid so I thought what the hell!! Ha Ha, and I can honestly say it was one of the best things we done and enjoyed. My friend also got married at the castle a month later and did not have hers recorded and she said it was a BIG mistake as you miss so much yourself. I would without a doubt tell anyone to have it recorded, it would at the top of my list if I were to get married again and will highly recommended you to all!!

Well thank you so so much for all hard work both you and your team put in to making it a fabulous watching, we had a great day and hope you did too.

Thanks again - love Lisa & Kevin Sherlock x

I was absolutely delighted with what you and the team had done. It captured every bit of detail that I wanted, and the shots where stunning. I also thought the way you used two screens was amazing. Lisa called me and said this is absolutely “awesome.” Gareth thank you so much, I know you worked extra hard on this, and it is extremely appreciated, you have given us all something to cherish for years to come.

I truly wish “” all the luck in the world, as when you produce material like this you deserve to be a success.

Bernie McCool - who bought the video as a present for Lisa & Kevin


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