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Joanne & Kevin's
Ultimate Wedding Film

by Gareth, posted 18th February 2018

Joanne & Kevin were married at St Philip's Church, Litherland and celebrated the rest of their day at the Park Hotel, Netherton in June 2017.

Joanne & Kevin's wedding is like a "second half" to the amazing film that we created for Mandy & Sharon 18 months previously. It's great when you work so closely with a family - and then work with them again, because they already know how you work - and they actually look forward to seeing you!

You can find a link to Mandy & Sharon's film at the bottom of this page.

Joanne & the girls are getting ready in one house - and we follow all of the fun as hair and makeup is completed.

The girls are running so far ahead of time that we decide to head off and walk the 500 yards to where the boys are getting ready, so we head off with Jacko - Joanne's father - to see how they are doing!

The film continues as the boys are busy celebrating the beginning of a great day... by having a drink or six! After much hilarity we head back to where the girls are getting ready... and then we are off to the church.

After setting up our cameras we capture the moment as Kev and his side of the wedding party arrive in the stretched limo, finish their drinks (from the bottles!) and head off for some pre-wedding chat and photos. As time moves on Kev checks the register and soon everyone is taking their seats for the ceremony.

Joanne arrives outside and after getting her breath she walks up the aisle with her side of the wedding party... and the ceremony begins.

Well... it has to be said that their actual wedding ceremony was probably one of the (if not THE) funniest we have ever filmed. Jacko can't wait to give Joanne away, Kev has 'Help Me' on his shoes and shoes them to the vicar, Joanne can't wait to get her wedding ring on and Kev's version of the vows is just brilliant!

You can see some little snippets of the ceremony by following the links at the bottom of this page!

After they are married Joanne & Kev have some photos in the church grounds... and then they head off to The Park Hotel in Netherton for the remainder of the day.

I'ts time for the speeches. First up is Gary - the best man. He struggles to start his speech, so Jacko - the father of the bride - takes to the floor instead.

At this point we take a little digression... and cut to a private chat that I had with Gary a little later on in the day. Gary explains why he struggled, and tells us some of the things that he was going to say. A lovely little touch - and a way for him to say what he wanted to say 'without saying it'.

Back at the speeches and it's time for Kev to take to the floor - and say all the important stuff - which he does brilliantly.

The film continues with a whole group of family & friends messages and then we chat to Kev - sat outside at the venue - now - I think it is fair to say that Kev had a brilliant day. He started celebrating early with quite a few drinks... and the day continued in pretty much the same way - so by the time we came to chat with him he was... er... a little tiddly haha! Our chat is just so funny - and it is rounded off by him and Sean - the other half of the camera crew - downing shots of Tequilla and Jager! And why not!

We chat to Joanne too... and then it is time for the cake cut and first dance.

With everyone on the dancefloor the evening continues - and we leave them to party on into the night.

Honestly - this was SUCH a good and fun day - and their film captures every moment of it. An utter pleasure to work on - and one wedding that I will remember for years to come!

Joanne & Kevin's Ultimate Wedding Film. Running Time: 127 minutes.
Download: MP4 format | WebM format | RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO


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Joanne & Kevin's Image Gallery


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Mandy & Sharon's Ultimate Wedding Film

Joanne & Kevin say...

After a suprise delivery today, Our wedding video. Where do i start???!!!
Gareth W Hughes... OMG i don't think i have laughed as much as i have in the last 2 n alf hrs!! The film is something and more. You have really done good. Brought back soo many good memories!

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