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Nicola & Dominic's Wedding Day: Magical Sparkles Teaser #2

by Gareth, posted 16th January 2018

Just ahead of the release of Nicola & Dominic's Wedding Film here's another little teaser video - some flowergirl magic sparkles

Nicola & Dominic were married at St Thomas's Church, Newton-le-Willows and celebrated the rest of their day at Alder Root Golf Club on the outskirts of Warrington.

When you promise a little girl a magical sparkling wand on a wedding day you can never let her down!

I imported the footage into After Effects and motion tracked the end of the wand. Next, I applied the motion tracking to a null object.

In the composition I then created a new layer, and applied the CC Particle World effect to it, setting the emitter to stars... with the life-span of the particles set at 1.5 seconds and their colour based upon the flowergirl's dress and the blue from the bridesmaids dresses.

Finally, using formulas and some calculated scaling I linked the position of the emitter to the null object and rendered out the final footage.

Hey presto... magical colour-matched sparkles that come from her "magic wand". Beautiful :)

Nicola & Dominic's Wedding Day: Magical Sparkles Teaser #2. Running Time: 1 minutes.
Don't forget to set the YouTube preferences to FULL 1080 HD when you play the video above.
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