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Pauline & Philip's
40th Anniversary Film

by Gareth, posted 19 June 2016

Philip & Pauline were married 40 years ago and celebrated their Ruby Wedding in May 2015.

This special film is the thrid film in our fabulous Aldridge Trilogy.

Two years ago we produced Ben & Debbie's Wedding Day Film, the family were so impressed with us that they immediately booked us for Ben's brother's 10th Wedding Anniversary celebrations for the following year - the result of this was an amazing 3 disk presentation "Jim and Jan's 10th Anniversary Film" - which featured a full-on concert by the amazing Rat Pack.

This year Ben and Jim's mum and dad were celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary - and it was decided to make it "3 out of 3" ... so in May 2015 the crew once again visited the Aldridge family to film their 3rd film in 3 years ... "Philip and Pauline's 40th Anniversary film"

Featuring a facinating interview with them both - and an interview with them and their best man from their wedding day 40 years before - this film is lovingly crafted with archive footage and photographs from their wedding day 40 years ago to produce a film that captivates everyone who watches it.

As well as the GBC Television footage there is also archive footage from Philip's trips to India and modern day footage filmed during their 40th Anniversary celebrations.

It was an absolute honour to be asked back - once again - to work with the Aldridge Film - and unlike many sequels to popular films ... this one DOES NOT disappoint!

An amazing film to shoot and to edit... we are now able to share Philip & Pauline's Ultimate Wedding Anniversary Film with you. Please enjoy!!

Pauline & Philip's 40th Anniversary Film. Running Time: 181 minutes.
Download: MP4 format | WebM format | RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO


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Pauline & Philip's Image Gallery


Ben & Debbie's Ultimate Wedding Film

Jim & Jan's 10th Anniversary Film - Part 1

Jim & Jan's 10th Anniversary Film - Part 3 - The Rat Pack

Harrison's Christening Day

Pauline & Philip say...

WOW! Well yet again for the third time for the third year in a row.......Gareth W Hughes has had the Aldridge Family in amazement, laughter and tears for the production of the Mom n Dad`s 40th anniversary film.

Lets start with the added photo on the wall..WOW....blumin did you do that...we didn't notice straight away because you blended it in so well...then we "opened our eyes" ha ha......and there it was a picture of our son Harrison on the wall next to our other pictures....but not a real picture it was the thoughtfulness of you Gareth and some amazing GBC special effects and then after that the star wars intro was just brilliant......

The interview and all the questions answered superbly.... The segments of Nan, grand kids, their first house, India, their actual wedding film with cinifilm sound effects, then standing in front of the same church 40 years on to the celebrations so Perfectly put together along with some brilliant messages.

Debbie and I so wanted it to come across as a kind of documentary and you, not for the first time, pulled it off Perfectly!

The interview..... then back in time to past events....... then back to the interview..... then off again to other current events..... Gob smackingly brilliant and it filled me with such emotion as this is exactly what we wanted.

As for mom and dad they share all the above plus i noticed a few tears notably my dad (tried to hide them) when the "We are Family with the Grand kids was playing, the India segment and the pics and discussions of Jim and I being born.

There is so much more i could say im sure.........and i prob will in the next few days once we've watched it again.......... But for now Mr Hughes....You are The Best and we will always only book you for the special (as my dad describes in the film) "Landmarks" on our journey through life as no other company compares to GBC Television filming, editing, production and most of all...the thought that you put into the "Captured Memory Landmarks" of peoples lives and we are so lucky to have THREE of them. Cant wait for the FOURTH!

Pure Genius you are Gareth. When you picture future generations say another 40 years from grandchildren and great grandchildren......they will have the chance to see My mom n dad.....What a keepsake!!!

Much Love and Respect as always from The Aldridge Family

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