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Lisa & Joe's Singing Waiters

by Gareth, posted 16 September 2016

Lisa & Joe planned a massive surprise for their wedding guests and we captured every moment!

Once Lisa & Joe were married, they made their way to Crewe Hall for their Wedding Reception. With the guests seated, Lisa and Joe were welcomed into the room and the wedding breakfast began.

During the meal, the "Manager" and a "Trainee" member of staff were talking to the guests, moaning about each other and generally winding everyone up. This continued over the next hour or so. By the time the Main course had been cleared away various guests were already in a not too happy mood with the "Manager".

The "trainee" waiter then brings out a tray of items for the dessert course and trips in front of the top table, sending everything flying in the air. As he picks himself up the "Manager" kicks off at him, shouting at him and the "trainee" waiter quits his job on the spot.

The manager shouts as he leaves and makes excuses to the guests who are already unhappy with him. Guests get to their feet - ready to deal with the "Manager" for spoiling Lisa & Joe's special day ... as the music starts and both the "Manager" and "Trainee" burst into song... they are NOT staff at Crewe Hall - they are the amazing Singing Waiters.

Lisa & Joe's Singing Waiters. Running Time: 21 minutes.
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Lisa & Joe's Ultimate Wedding Film

Lisa & Joe: The Extra Mile

Gareth says...

Lisa says: "I googled 'Wild and Wacky Weddings' and they came up. After watching a few videos I said to Joe 'I want them at our wedding'.

In 30 years of wedding filming Lisa & Joe's Singing Waiters are one of the top three things that we have EVER filmed. This was genuinely amazing. From the reaction of the guests to Lisa & Joe standing on their chairs singing and dancing ... simply BRILLIANT.

If you would like to find out more about the Singing Waiters their website is

If you haven't yet seen the film ... then watch it now!

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